Paying Cash Rewards to Referrers

If you want to pay your Referrers (those who are bringing new leads and customers into your business in Cash for their efforts the easiest and best way to do this is with PayPal Mass Pay.

We like PayPal for this purpose for it's almost universal acceptance in most countries and by most people online. Click here for a quick walkthrough of PayPal Mass Pay.

To get started with paying your referrers you'll need 2 things:

  1. A PayPal Business Account
  2. A CSV file of your Referrers with the amounts that they are each due. SalesCamp will generate this for you in your Campaign Dashboard.

Once you have downloaded CSV list of all of your Referrers who are to be paid you can upload this to your PayPal Business account in the Money -> Send or Request Money -> Mass Pay area.

You can pay up to 5,000 Referrers at a time with Mass Pay from PayPal, so this is literally just a one-click way to pay your brand ambassadors, and is available to anyone with a PayPal account.