Using the SalesCamp API

The SalesCamp RESTful API is designed to give maximum flexibility to businesses who need complete control over how their referral campaigns work and interact with their other business systems.  

Check out the complete API documentation here:

The SalesCamp API gives full control over every aspect of your referral program - the same kinds of things that you would see inside you SalesCamp dashboard or the dashboard for a particular campaign.  Included in this are methods for:

  • Managing Campaigns
  • Managing Referrers
  • Managing Referrals

Also, inside your SalesCamp dashboard you will find an interactive "API Playground" which will give you a chance to interact with the API in an easy to understand interface to get a feel for what it can do to help solve your referral campaign problems.  

To start using the SalesCamp API you can first retrieve your API token from the Account Settings -> API Key area of your SalesCamp dashboard.  This key is used to authenticate you as an active SalesCamp user and is mandatory for any API work.