Connecting your SalesCamp referral campaigns to your Stripe account

With our Stripe Connect integration you can now integrate your existing Stripe payment processor account.  This will allow you to create referral campaigns that are triggered ONLY on new revenue events (and paying customers) in your business.

With our Stripe integration we support BOTH one-time and recurring/subscription billing events automatically.  No additional settings for you to configure on your end.  

To set up your Stripe integration just click the "Connect Stripe Account" link at the bottom of your main SalesCamp dashboard:

This will take you to a login page on Stripe where you can enter your Stripe login information.

From there select the Stripe account you would like to integrate and click the Connect button:

With this in place you'll just need to include one additional piece of code to your existing Stripe forms. 

metadata: { salescamp: request.cookies['salescamp']}

For a subscription based transaction the code will look something like this (in Ruby):

@stripe_customer = ::Stripe::Customer.create(
  	source: ::Stripe::Token.create(card: context.card.to_h),
@stripe_subscription = ::Stripe::Subscription.create(
  	items: [
    		{ plan: 'plan9' }
  	metadata: {
    		salescamp: request.cookies['salescamp']

For a charge, it's a little more direct:

  amount: 100,
  currency: "usd",
  description: "Item ABC",
  source: token,
  metadata: {
    salescamp: request.cookies['salescamp']

This metadata will attribute the Referred visitors to your site who end up becoming customers, and will create Rewards to your Referrers.

To learn more about how to integrate your referral program into your existing website check out our Integration Guide