Integrating your SalesCamp Widget into Google Tag Manager

Many of us have several JavaScript snippets and tracking codes running on our sites and this multiple different assets can now be managed in one place...for FREE with Google Tag Manager (GTM).

Here are the steps to set up your SalesCamp referral widget inside GTM:

If you haven't already, sign up for a FREE Google Tag Manager account.

Create a new WorkSpace for the site you're wanting to start managing, or if you already have a WorkSpace for your site, open it up:

Click "Add A New Tag" from the New Tag card in the middle of the screen

Name the tag that you're adding - this should be descriptive, like "SalesCamp" or "SalesCamp main" as there will be 2 snippets you need to install on your site.  One is for the overall SalesCamp tracking script and the other is to display the widget on specific pages.

Select the "Custom HTML Tag" option, which will open up a text box for you to enter your first JavaScript snippet in.  This should be top one from your SalesCamp dashboard:

The top code snippet here is your overall site tracking snippet, and the bottom one is to configure and display the Referral Widget on your site:

Do this for both of the code snippets on your site.  For the main tracking snippet you will want it to fire on ALL PAGES on your site so that we can properly track when and how referrals are coming into your site.

For the SalesCamp Referral Widget you can select a Custom Trigger to load only on certain pages, or on certain events on your site. That's the beauty of GTM is that it allows you to configure where and how these types of snippets will occur on your site and they're no longer site-wide necessarily.  

Once you've added BOTH of the snippets and configured how/where they're to load it's time to SUBMIT your Workspace.  This essentially "publishes" your Google Tag Manager for this site.

Now go to your site's front end and test things out.  If you'd like to Preview the changes before making them public you can do this via the Preview button in the top right of the image above too.

If you have any questions about configuring or publishing your Referral Widget with Google Tag Manager just let us know.