Working with Automated Payments to Referrers

With SalesCamp you can automate the process of paying out your affiliates and referrers right from your SalesCamp dashboard through the power of the Stripe ecosystem.  

Click Here for details about how your Referrers can configure their automated payout settings in their Referrer Dashboard.

Payout Preferences in your SalesCamp dashboard

In your SalesCamp dashboard navigate to the dropdown menu item in the top right of your screen and select Account Settings.

Here you can first select the Payout Options tab along the top of the screen:

In this area you will be prompted for the Credit Card that you would like to make payments to your Referrers with. This can be a Credit or Bank/Debit card. Either will work fine.  

Once you've entered your card number, expiration date and CCV code in the right of that area click the Save Card button.  This information will be saved to your Stripe account and is the billing mechanism through which your Referrers will be paid in the future.

Next you have the option to set your outgoing payments to Referrers to be automatic.  If you would like to enable Automatic Payouts you can do so by clicking the associated button in the Automatic Payouts section:

As described just above the optin if you select this your referrers will be automatically paid on the 10th of every month for the Rewards generated for their referral account in that previous month.

You are able to verify and or exclude any rewards from this automated payout. This can be managed through the Campaign Dashboard.

Alternatively if you do not want the payments to Referrers to be automatic, but you'd like to batch pay them all at once you can do so in the last section of the Payouts settings area.  

Only the Referrers who have connected their bank details in their Referrer Dashboard will be eligible to pay in this manner. Those who have not set this up, or choose not to be paid in this manner can be paid via PayPal or any other way you choose to fulfill your rewards.

Payout History

Once you have paid your Referrers (either via the Batch or Automated payout method) these payouts will appear in your Payment History section of your Account Settings screen: