Do I have to use the Referrer Signup Widget on my site?

When creating your Referral Campaign the last step in the process is to configure the Referral Widget.  This is a Call To Action item that you can install on your business' website to encourage visitors, customers, and brand ambassadors to easily sign up for your referral program without ever having to leave your site.  

The widget is completely customizable to meet the look/feel of your site, including:

  • Background and Text Color
  • Location - bottom Left/Right or Middle Left/Right of your browser window
  • Call To Action headline
  • Subtitle
  • Button text

However, the decision of whether to use the referral widget is completely up to you, and is NOT mandatory.  If you choose not to use the Referral Widget on your site we've got you covered with our own self-hosted Referrer Signup pages, which you can get more details about in the Site Installation area of your campaign dashboard.

These Referrer Signup Pages are an easy way for you to send potential new referrers to a place to register their own affiliate/referral account, without you needing to do any integration into your site whatsoever. 

So, the choice is up to you: Referral Widget or Referral Signup Page.  Of course you could use both too, and the data will all be ported to the same place in your campaign dashboard.